Holiday activities in the South of France

Far away from noise and hustle and bustle in the middle of nature
Popular destinations

At MAS VINSON you will spend your holidays far away from noise and hectic pace

And yet the popular excursion destinations such as the dune beaches on the Mediterranean, the Camargue, the picturesque and historically interesting towns such as Sommières, Anduze, Sauve, Uzès, Remoulins, Avignon, Arles, Les Baux de Provence, St. Rémy, Montpellier and Nîmes are close by.

Other activities, depending on the season and your personal wishes, include the following:

  • Riding on the Camargue horses, which are also easy for beginners, or riding lessons at a riding stable.
  • Canoe trips on the rivers Gardon (Pont-du-Gard), Herault or Ardèche through unspoilt countryside
  • Boat trips on the Rhône- Sète Canal
  • Fishing on lonely dreamy riverbanks
  • Golf courses in Haute de Nîmes
  • Visit village festivals and traditional equestrian games
  • Velo tours on virtually car-free back roads
  • Day trips to historical sights and picturesque markets
  • Open-air theatre and concerts in arenas, historical towns and castles

If our holiday offer appeals to you, use the following descriptions to choose your holiday flat in one of the three typical Provençal houses.

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Reiten in MAS VINSON

Nach Absprache und gegen Bezahlung kann der achtsame Umgang mit Pferden direkt in MAS VINSON gelernt werden. Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie man Pferde putzt, mit ihnen pferdegerecht umgeht und sie an der Hand führt. Falls die Reiter nicht schwerer als 60 kg sind, können auch kleine, geführte Ausritte in unserer wunderschönen Natur gemacht werden. Die beiden Pferde Xique und Rana sind wunderbare Lehrmeister.

Horse riding in MAS VINSON

By arrangement and for a fee, the mindful handling of horses can be learned directly at MAS VINSON. You will learn how to clean horses, handle them in a horse-friendly way and lead them by hand. If the riders are not heavier than 60 kg, small guided rides in our beautiful nature can also be made. The two horses Xique and Rana are wonderful teachers.